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Couples who engage in a swinging lifestyle most often have very open lines of communication.These couples are able to be honest about their most inner thoughts and desires, often bringing to life their wildest and deepest fantasies, while being able to share that experience with the person they love.


Swingers come from all walks of life, and are usually professionals who live very "normal" lives by day. They can often be the couple next door, or someone whom you would not expect. Couples who engage in lifestyle events respect the privacy of others in the couples and are very discreet about what they do. People often worry about the: " What f i know someone there" factor, but as most say if people you know are here? They're in the lifestyle too.


Attending a lifestyle event for the first time can be a little nerve racking. A little apprehension is perfectly normal the first time out, but worry not because couples at Secrets Durham are very warm and inviting. Couples will typically introduce themselves and welcome new comers to our club, and the ambiance is very sexy, erotic and you will often find couples flirting while enjoying each others company.

Swinging 101:


Events are hosted on the second Saturday of each month. You can find event details in our events page.


We are currently hosting events at Club 717 located at 717 Wilson Rd. S in Oshawa.



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Sat Nov 8th Pajama Party

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